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Mentor is the leading international non-government organization working globally to prevent drug abuse

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Our Vision

 vision.png We envision a world where children and young people are empowered to make healthy decisions and live free of drugs.  Read more

Our Commitment

stod-oss.png Working with our members in Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, UK, USA, and across the 22 Arab League countries we are committed to providing evidence-based programs aimed at the promotion of health and well-being for young people. Our work has been recognized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, The World Health Organization, The Organization of American States, and The Council of Europe.   Read more

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Our Work

Mentor International supports our national and regional members in implementing programs in three core areas:

Individual Mentoring

A voluntary 1-to-1 mentorship between an adult and a young person that focuses on empowering, inspiring, and motivating the young person.

Career Mentoring 

Working in cooperation with corporate partners, we offer programs that provide real-life inspiration and experiences to students in order to inform their futures.

Parenting & Life Skills

Our members offer courses and seminars for parents that are designed to provide skills and techniques to enhance their communication and relationship with their children. They also run evidence-based projects focused on drug prevention for youth.

International Resource Finder

Are you a parent, carer, teacher, practitioner, policy maker, or community leader concerned about the well-being of young people? Click on the link below to find more than 100 resources from around the world to help young people lead healthy lives and avoid substance abuse.

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Interview with Mentor International Chair, Yvonne Thunell

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Stefan Persson, Trustee