Royal Trustee

HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz

HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz was born 1935 in Taif, Saudi Arabia. HRH is an international philanthropist who has initiated and patronized many development projects in third world countries, particularly for women and children.

HRH Prince Talal's international activities began in the early 1980s when he served as a UNICEF special envoy.

HRH is a member of the League for Development of the Pasteur Institute and a founding member of the Independent Commission for International Humanitarian Issues in Geneva and The Mentor Foundation.

HRH Prince Talal is the president of the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND), a leading international humanitarian funding agency and a partner of 17 United Nations' organizations.

HRH is also the president of the Arab Council for Childhood and Development, the Arab Network for Non-Governmental Organizations and the Arab Women Centre for Training and Research.

HRH Prince Talal has received international recognition for his humanitarian work for women and children in third world countries.

Why Mentor?
We are witnessing an increasing number of alliances at a global level between various groups, individuals, and organisations and Mentor is one of them.

The uniqueness of Mentor lies in its success in becoming a model of genuine global cooperation among leading private sectors leaders, political and intellectual personalities, international development agencies and civil society activist.

Apart from that, Mentor is also striving to become an influential agency that aims to prevent substance abuse by children and young people in order to help them to grow as successful leaders of tomorrow."