Inger Saven

Inger Saven is a BSc graduate from Stockholm School of Economics and has held various positions in the area of international marketing management. Ms. Saven has a background as Product Manager at Unilever. 

Ms. Saven is currently engaged in her family's investment business, where her main focus has been in the health care sector. Ms. Saven has served as Board Director of Karolinska Development, Didaktus, and Svensk Hypotekspension. Karolinska Development is an organization that brings innovations from research into products. A major shareholder is the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Since its inception in 2003, Karolinska Development's portfolio has particularly focused in the areas of cancer, dermatology, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, women's health and diseases that affect the central nervous system. Didaktus is an operator for high-schools and special education programs for adults. Svensk Hypotekspension is a mortgage release financial services company.