Program Portfolio

Young people today are in need of positive and present adult role models. Research has shown that youth with mentors are more likely to engage in positive behavior, have increased self-esteem, and set higher education and career goals. We at Mentor believe the best investment we can make is in young people and our goal is to provide a mentor to every young person who wants one.  

Through our mentoring programs, we offer young people support and opportunities to increase their self-esteem and build resilience. This empowers them to develop stronger social networks, reflect on their own interests, strengths, and hopes, and view their futures more positively.

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We deliver programs in three core areas:

Individual Mentoring 

A voluntary program where an adult and a young person build a relationship over the course of a year to empower, inspire, and motivate the young person and their outlook for the future.

It's nice to have someone to talk to that doesn't judge. Talking about peer pressure, parties, and pressure in school with someone who listens and gives advice feels great!

Thora, 15

Career Mentoring

Working in cooperation with corporate partners, we offer programs that provide inspiration and authentic experiences to students in order to inform their futures.

The job mentors took away my stress with school choices and explained calmly that it is not my life's decisions, that it is possible to change along the road. That's something that teachers don't always tell you.

Parenting and Life Skills

Our members offer courses and seminars for parents that are designed to provide skills and techniques to enhance their communication and relationships with their children. Our members also run evidence-based projects on a variety of topics for young people.