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Our valued corporate partners support the work we do around the world to provide hope and inspiration to young people.

Why Partner With Mentor International?

With over 20 years’ experience, Mentor International is the only international non-profit to focus on drug prevention for young people. We offer effective, evaluated, turnkey programs that positively impact young people and fulfill several UN Sustainable Development Goals (3, 4, 10). Our work has been recognized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, The World Health Organization, The Organization of American States, and The Council of Europe. Mentor’s corporate partners have played a central role in helping us influence the future of thousands of young people around the world by giving them hope and inspiration.

Help Us Make a Difference

Everyone remembers what it’s like to be a teenager. The future is unknown – sometimes exciting, sometimes frightening. You’re trying to find yourself while trying to fit in. You’re expected to grow up and yet rarely taken seriously. It’s overwhelming.

Mentoring helps combat the vulnerability and marginalization teenagers face. What makes our programs unique is that they offer personal interaction. In individual mentoring, the focus is on developing a bond between an adult and a young person. The program has a greater long-term impact on both the mentee and mentor as well as society as a whole. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group found that our mentoring programs have a high social return on investment. In fact, our impact is up to 14 times the investment. This results in reductions in costs for society including drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, and psychological illness. We have also found that our programs reduce the likelihood of risky behavior. Our career programs also support young people by helping them realize their full potential and look to the future with confidence.

There's something very powerful about knowing you've made a positive difference in someone else's life.

Karin Jordås, Secretary General, Mentor International

Partnership Benefits

Deepens customer appreciation and loyalty.

Engagement with young people.

Strengthens company’s social value in the community.

Increases staff pride.

Create and deliver shared messages.

Develops employees’ skills.

Ways to Work With Us

Sponsor one or more core program.

Corporate giving/matching program.

Cause marketing events.

Cause marketing/awareness campaigns.

Corporate donations.

To start a dialogue about how your company can partner with Mentor International, please contact:

Amy Mangino – International Development Director

+46 70 345 97 88

Thank you to our current corporate sponsors!