Beirut Needs Your Help

The devasting explosion has propelled Lebanon into a state of emergency. Mentor Arabia colleagues are now volunteering on the ground. Funding is needed.

10 August 2020 | Press

On the 4th of August, the world was shocked and devastated to see the deadly explosions that ravaged the city of Beirut. At Mentor International, we were equally gutted with extreme concern for our respected and close colleagues at Mentor Arabia who are headquartered in the center of Beirut, Lebanon. Luckily, our colleagues are all fine, but so many people are not.

With their warm philanthropic hearts, our colleagues at Mentor Arabia have quickly pivoted from running youth mentoring programs to volunteering as first responders on the ground in their hometown of Beirut. As Mentor International cannot get any disaster relief funds to Lebanon through our own organisation, we encourage you to donate to other credible disaster relief organisations.

The article from The Washington Post linked here has summarised and listed honest organisations that accept international donations. Mentor’s previous cooperations and relationships are with UNICEF and the Lebanese Red Cross, but all organisations listed, such as the U.N. World Food Program, are trushworthy and need your help!

Our Beirut colleagues, among others, thank you in advance.