Gunilla von Platen Joins Mentor Family As Goodwill Ambassador

During the week of Giving Tuesday, non-profit youth organization Mentor Sweden announces its newest goodwill ambassador, author and entrepreneur Gunilla von Platen.

3 December 2020 | Press

A role model who is not afraid to challenge or question the status quo, Gunilla von Platen will dedicate her support to putting a spotlight on inclusion, equality and diversity. She hopes that her strength and ambition will inspire young people about the future.

“My aim is to be a strong role model and positive mentor for young people and show them that anything is possible with determination, regardless of background, gender or ethnicity,” says Gunilla von Platen. “It is profoundly important that young people understand that things are achievable even when everything seems bleak. We humans need beacons to help light the way. We need someone to give strength, courage and inspiration,” Gunilla continues.

Mentor is delighted to welcome Gunilla von Platen as a goodwill ambassador. Her role will be an honorary assignment that constitutes a platform to promote health and prevent risky behavior in young people.

“With her impressive drive and background in business and philanthropy, Gunilla von Platen is a true role model. She is firsthand example to young people that anything is possible,” says Yvonne Thunell, chairman of Mentor International and Mentor Sweden.


With extensive experience in the business world, including being the founder of the company Xzakt and a partner and board member of Transcom Worldwide, Gunilla has established herself as a prominent profile in a male-dominated industry. She understands it is not easy to succeed in a homogeneous context when you do not fit the mold. Gunilla wants to urge young people not to accept discrimination or resentment.

“It is so easy to be pushed down by people with ill will and spitefulness. That is why it is important to never give in to discrimination and never accept prejudice,” says Gunilla.


Gunilla came to Sweden with her family when she was only four years old after fleeing violence in her native Turkey. Gunilla says that something that has shaped her both as a person and an entrepreneur, are the strong women in her family. They have given her the quality that she says has been crucial to success, namely courage.

“My grandmother survived a genocide of Christians in Turkey. She saw her family and friends being murdered. She, along with my mother, who survived five shots when we fled Turkey, have been my greatest role models in life. They have taught me that you can succeed regardless of background, gender or ethnicity,” says Gunilla.

About Gunilla von Platen

Gunilla von Platen, born 1972, is an entrepreneur, investor, business leader and philanthropist and one of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s ambassadors. She is the founder of the company Xzakt Kundrelation, which she sold to Altor 2017 and is today a partner at Transcom Worldwide AB, which includes Xzakt. She is also an inspirational speaker and author of the book The Dragon in the Room.

About Mentor International

Established in 1994 by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden in collaboration with members of the World Health Organization, Mentor International is the leading global federation of non-profit organizations working to develop youth development programs that support drug prevention. Mentor has spent over 25 years working persistently to help improve conditions for young people, inspire them to fulfil their potential and look to the future with hope. We have developed active partnerships with international agencies, governments, other NGOs, and the corporate sector to fulfil our vision. Nearly 100 Mentor initiatives have aided prevention activities in over 80 countries. The focus is to empower youth to make healthy decisions and live drug-free. Mentor Sweden is one of our member organizations offering local programs for young people, parents and volunteers.