Group Mentoring

With career possibilities in focus, we bridge the gap between school and work.

Inspiring the Future

Globally, one out of seven youth are unemployed, and one out of six adolescents are not in school. Conflict around the world has resulted in forced displacement with half of the world’s refugees under the age of 18. From stress to lack of skills or opportunities, young people can be overwhelmed by the transition from school to work. These factors combined with teenagers’ general lack of self-confidence contribute to a fear of the future.

It is vital that we invest in young people’s education since it is directly correlated to employment opportunities. Research from the National Mentoring Partnership confirms that “mentoring can be a critical component of successfully supporting youth career engagement and workforce development.” One strategy to support this is through positive mentoring relationships that allow young people to explore different career options, develop their skills, and stay engaged in school. Mentor supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 4.4, Increase the number of youth who have relevant skills for employment, and to fulfill this goal we have created two programs, Career Inspiration and Career Experience. Both programs aim to bridge the gap between school and work.

Career Inspiration

Mentor’s Career Inspiration (CI) program brings together volunteers from Mentor’s corporate partners to share insights into an array of professions through an interactive, personal experience. 10-12 CI Mentors volunteer a half day at a local high school (or equivalent) and each talk to small groups of students for about 20 minutes. They present their backgrounds, their jobs, and offer advice/answer questions. The day ends with a mingle where students have the opportunity to approach CI Mentors individually and ask more questions.

Career Experience

Career Experience (CE) Mentors volunteer their time to deliver 3-5 sessions at a local high school (or equivalent), providing information about the professional world and tools for how to access it. The students also develop an action plan for reaching their goals, and the program ends with a student-led project grounded in the learnings from the program.

The career mentors took away my stress with school choices and explained calmly that it's not a decision for life, that it's possible to change along the road.

Career Inspiration Mentee, Sweden

Mentoring Works

Based on a study from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and our internal evaluations, participants in our career programs have found it to be extremely rewarding:

94% of students think it was rewarding to meet a career mentor.

80% say the program gave them inspiration and knowledge.

78% felt more inspired for the future.

55% are more likely to go to college.

Support career mentoring for youth.