Empowering Youth Globally

Mentor is the leading NGO working globally to help young people make healthy life choices.

About Us

Youth, Art and Social Impact

Mentor International collaborates with CFHILL, SEB and Moderna Museet to raise awareness for youth issues and mentoring as a powerful tool.

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New Brand Identity

Mentor organization has officially been injected with new energy. In June 2021, Mentor rolled out and soft launched a fresh new visual identity and new program names worldwide.

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New Mentor Chairman

David Haak will take over as Chairman of the Board of Mentor International and Mentor Sweden. Hi first initiative will be to motivate more business leaders to get more involved in sharing social capital with young people.

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Mentor Promotes Diversity

Our work with youth is dependent on the underpinnings of an inclusive society. UN World Diversity Day emphasises and promotes this need. Please take a minute to reflect.

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Youth and Racism

Racism is a global problem. Talking early and often with young people about racism and the importance of fairness helps tackle the issue. We should be role models for the attitudes, behavior and values we wish to see in youth.

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COVID-19 And Social Media

If there is one truly positive thing about social media, it’s that it gives us the ability to stay in touch and actively interact with people despite quarantines and restrictions from the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

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Show The World Who You Are

Everybody needs a strong role model. By wearing a Mentor wristband, you remind yourself, and tell others, that you are a hero to someone. We have made over a thousand of these wristbands. Let us know if you’re interested!

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Making a Difference

Our Vision

A world where children and young people are empowered to make healthy decisions and live drug-free.

Our Commitment

Our programs align with the UN SDGs, including #3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Support Us

Your donations help us provide young people with the life skills they need to thrive. Donate today to invest in a healthier, more empowered future generation.