Mentor Launches Its First International, Digital, Collaborative Campaign

Today, the Swedish-based non-profit organization, Mentor International, launches its first global social media campaign #myteenageme coordinated on three different continents and in multiple countries around the world.

5 November 2018 | Blog

Teenage hashtag wants to motivate conversation

#myteenageme is an image sharing campaign where participants upload a teenage picture of themselves to share an impression of who they were and nominate friends to do the same. The viral campaign is meant to promote the well-being of young people and serve as a protective factor, letting them know they are not alone. It encourages adults of all ages to share an impression of who they were and what challenges and vulnerabilities they had when they were young, reinforcing the message that there is someone who understands and cares.

Strong role models key to empoweringyoung people

“What better way to get adults thinking about the needs of young people, than getting them thinking about themselves? We’ve all been there, and we all understand the trials of being a teenager,” says Yvonne Thunell, Chairman of Mentor International. “We want to activate positive role models,” Thunell continues. “Scientific evidence shows that there is a strong association between role modelling, resiliency and positive outcomes for young people. Studies from the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring in the United States have shown that kids that our mentored are 55% more likely to go to college and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions. The protective effects of role modelling are extremely significant.”

Photo feed of teenage memories part of the campaign

The campaign asks participants to share teenage photos and memories on social media using the hashtag #myteenageme. A social media feed will be streamed to the campaign site to create a “yearbook” of teenage photos. Mentor hopes to raise awareness and funding for their various youth mentoring programs around the world. The campaign will run for two weeks. International celebrities such as Dolph Lundgren and others around the world were among the firsts to share their teenage self.

Global awareness for well-being of young people

As the leading international youth development NGO working globally to empower young people to make healthy decisions and live drug-free, Mentor’s belief is that every young person deserves the help of a caring adult to help them reach their full potential look to the future with hope. That pervades every aspect of the work they do. Their mission is to offer mentoring as inspiration, empowerment and motivation to help young people make healthy life choices and view their futures more positively.

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