What We Do

Mentoring makes young people feel like they matter.

Mentor International’s programs focus on¬†keeping young people engaged in education, preparing them for adulthood, promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing risky behaviors, such as drug use.

We concentrate our efforts on three core areas:

  • Individual mentoring: a half to year-long, one-to-one relationship between an adult and a young person with the goal of empowering, inspiring, and motivating a more positive outlook for the future.
  • Group mentoring: working with our corporate partners, we go out to junior high and high schools or our partner’s offices to run life skills training programs for students between the ages of 13-17 years old.
  • Mentor talks: personal growth workshops designed to provide adults with the skills to enhance communication with the younger generation. Offered to partner employees, parents of mentor youth and even the public-at-large.

Mentor International’s programs are based on positive youth development research with the aim of building resilience in young people through protective factors. Studies have shown that having multiple positive adult relationships is one of the primary factors in preventing destructive behavior. This is the crux of our approach; that young people deserve positive and present adult role models.

To fulfill our program objectives, we use internationally recognized mentoring standards and best practices set forth by the National Mentoring Partnership.

All programs are evaluated upon completion to measure outcomes.

We don't talk a lot about being a role model, but my mentor shows what a role model is just by being themselves.

Individual Mentoring Youth