Goodwill toward youth this holiday season

Give the gift of a better, smarter society by investing in young people. We all deserve to have hope and confidence that the future is bright.

Mentor believes that making young people feel important, self-confident and empowered helps them make better choices, and, in turn, form a brighter and more inclusive society.

Mentoring makes young people feel like they matter. It also connects them with personal growth and economic opportunity. Research shows that mentoring relationships have a positive impact on young people’s social, educational and career development.

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What happens to your donation?

Mentor International is a non-profit development organization. Every donation we receive is used to broaden perspectives and shine light on new opportunities for some of the most vulnerable youth through mentoring programs. Your funds will:

  • Provide youth with protective factors against isolation, failing at school, lack of motivation, risk of drugs, alcohol and other destructive behaviour.
  • Enhance cross-generational connections giving adults the opportunity to get involved first-hand in working with youth to their own community.
  • Support the UN youth agenda that identifies issues including education, employment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, and full and effective participation in the life of society.


Mentor has made over a thousand wristbands to share with our supporters.