Youth Academy

The next generation deserves to have the skills and ability to participate fully and effectively in society. That is why Mentor and TUI Care Foundation created Youth Academy.

Includes 800 students, ranging from 13 to 17 yrs old

Involves over 100 parents and volunteers from all walks of life

Runs in 3 countries: Germany, Jordan and Sweden

A year-long in-school group mentoring program

Together with TUI Care Foundation, Mentor has developed Youth Academy to offer sustainable impact and help level the playing field for all youth, starting in countries and cities where TUI operates. Youth Academy is a life skills program that helps increase protective factors and enhance resonance among youth and adult mentors. The format is tailored to the country and culture where the program is run. However, the universal aim is the same everywhere: to improve the life chances of vulnerable youth.

Soft skills to complement hard skills offered in schools

The programs include four workshops with specific goals for promoting good decision making, improving communication skills, increasing self-esteem, respecting other’s integrity, learning to understand personal boundaries and handling fears, norms, prejudices, values and exclusion. The program works with adult volunteers who share the students with their personal and occupational experiences to help widen perspectives and inspire them for the future. Parents are offered seminars that mirror the youth’s curriculum, help them become better natural mentors and enhance communication with their children. Practical exercises and tools are woven into the training.

In line with the UN youth agenda

Youth Academy aims to provide youth with protective factors against isolation, failing at school, lack of motivation, use of drugs and alcohol and other destructive behavior by strengthening self-esteem, integration, inclusion, empathy among different cultures and between generations, as well as parental involvement. The program enhances cross-generational connections and gives people the opportunity to get involved first-hand in inspiring youth who are disconnected from such information. It also gives these youth a chance to connect with external adults without being judged or pressured about their lives and/or situations.

Let us know if you’d like to volunteer!

During 2019 – 2021, Mentor and TUI Care Foundation will recruit approximately 100 volunteers from local communities, including employees from across TUI Group, to be engaged in inspirational and motivational workshops for vulnerable youth. This mentoring opportunity is open to the general public. If you are interested, please apply by clicking on the sign up link above.

Note: If you have trouble accessing the application form, please get in touch with us directly at TUI Care Foundation or Mentor.


Mentor Germany is running a Youth Academy pilot in Hanover, Germany. According to the UNHCR, Germany is one of the EU countries with the highest number of refugees. This influx has increased pressure on public services such as education. Finding ways to motivate, empower and support young people looking for a better future is more important than ever.


Mentor Arabia  is running a Youth Academy pilot in Amman, Jordan. According the USAID, “despite many achievements, the Government of Jordan recognizes that the quality of education remains uneven and not competitive by international standards, particularly in poorer urban and rural areas.” Children are from poor socio-economic backgrounds and have the hardest time accessing good education and their future potential.


Mentor Sweden is running a Youth Academy pilot around Stockholm, Sweden. As reported by OECD, Sweden’s education system and integration efforts have been strained under the weight of the large number of migrants who have entered the country in recent years.” The study notes around half of students with migrant backgrounds do ‘not attain baseline academic proficiency’.