A Mentor Wristband Shows People Who You Are

Everybody needs a strong role model. By wearing a Mentor wristband, you show the world – and remind yourself – that you are a hero to someone. Mentor has made over a thousand of these wristbands to share with our supporters.

12 December 2019 | Blog

This past year, Mentor worked together with Samhall to make Mentor wristbands by the hundreds. Our aim was to create a symbol for a strong role model. The wristband gives you – and us – a way to show that we are committed to and believe in making a difference for the next generation.

Hiring Samhall for this project felt especially meaningful and relevant considering that many of the folk who work at Samhall, for some reason or another, have found themselves farthest away from the job market. It was a nice way of extending Mentor’s message of helping people find a path towards a promising future.

Available in sizes S, M, L.

For more information or to request a wristband, please contact Elise Alpen:
[email protected]