H.M. Queen Silvia Attends Youth Summit Arranged by Mentor Germany

On Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 September, The Queen visited Konstanz, Mainau and Lindau in southern Germany. Her trip included commemorations to mark Mentor's 25th anniversary.

5 September 2019 | Blog

Chef and kids how made the Mentor 25th aniversery cake with Queen Silvia , Countess Bettina Bernadotte. (c) Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

On the Tuesday, The Queen began her visit by attending Mentor Germany’s Youth Summit. The event was held at Geschwister-Scholl School in Konstanz, and was attended by young people, teachers, parents, social workers and voluntary organisations.

The Queen also took part in a number of workshops during the visit. To celebrate Mentor’s 25th anniversary, the Bernadotte af Wisborg family hosted a dinner at Mainau in the evening.

On the Wednesday, celebrations for Mentor’s 25th anniversary continued when The Queen and Mentor’s partners attended a talk on board the MS Hohentwil. Dr Marc Calmbach from the SINUS Institute presented a new youth study titled The World of 13-17-Year-Olds.

About Mentor International

Mentor International was founded in 1994 by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden and the WHO (World Health Organization) with the mission to empower young people to lead healthy lives free from drug abuse. It has headquarters in Sweden and operates as a Federation with local organizations across three continents. Since its foundation, Mentor has collectively impacted over 6 million youth.

About Mentor Germany

Mentor Germany was established in 2016 and has successfully implemented the organizations mentoring programs since. The chairman of the board is Bettina Gräfin Bernadotte. Mentor Germany has its headquarters on the island of Mainau.