Mentoring Summits Q1 2020

There are two big mentoring summits taking place in the beginning of the year - the Annual National Mentoring Summit in Washington, DC and the Biannual Mentoring Summit in Barcelona.

7 January 2020 | Blog

We kick off new year with a focus on mentoring best practices. For those that are interested, two of the fields leading summits will take place in January and March – one in North America and the other in Europe. Both events promise to offer inspiration and an opportunity to network with academics an other mentoring professionals. Given the opportune year, we expect to have perfect (2020) vision of the benefits, trends and impact of youth mentoring…

First up is the Annual National Mentoring Summit.

Date: 29 – 31 Jan 2020
Location: Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC, USA

The National Mentoring Summit is the only national convening of youth mentoring professionals, researchers, philanthropic investors, and government and civic leaders aimed at collectively strengthening and expanding quality mentoring relationships for young people across the country. This year’s workshops include such topics as mentoring immigrant youth, how to make programmatic changes based on research and data, collective impact in the mentoring field, and mentoring youth with mental health challenges. They are designed to connect to people and provide enhanced networking opportunities

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Next up is the Biannual European Mentoring Summit.

Date: 18-20 Mar 2020
Location: Campus Ciutadella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

The Biannual European Mentoring Summit is an event that aims to connect people and projects from Europe and abroad who work in the mentoring sector in order to establish connections and share research and practice experiences. The event brings together professionals, practitioners, researchers, mentors, government, corporate partners and civic leaders representing the mentoring movement. The summit is therefore a great opportunity to strengthen your network, get to know the diversity of the mentoring scene and to gain and pass on new insights from research and action.

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Don’t forget to mark your calendar! And, contact us for more information about Mentor’s attendance and availability at the events!