COVID-19 Mentor Information

Due to the current development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, Mentor has adapted its current plans and activities based on advice from international health authorities.

19 March 2020 | Blog

Important update concerning the new coronavirus
Mentor is a third sector development organization that works and closely with youth, schools and volunteers. For this reason, it has become imperative for us to modify our activities to reduce social proximity and practice social distancing.

What is the current status at Mentor?
Mentor is continuing its important work while focusing on updating and adapting its processes. All efforts are being made to prepare for empowering youth with as much, if not more, effect and impact in the future.

How will  activities  be adapted?
Any activities that can be implemented online will be adapted as quickly as possible. Activities that cannot be digitally adapted will be temporarily postponed. Length of time will depend on how things develop going forward.

Does this apply to all Mentor organisations?
All member organisations are contributing in the best way possible to be a positive force based on the advice available in each country and region. At the moment, most offices are temporarily closed as staff continue to work remotely.

Why these actions?
Mentor is taking these steps to slow the spread of infection into society. By delaying and minimizing the number of cases, we can help reduce the extreme burden on the healthcare system. This is out of concern for high risk groups, as well as youth, partners, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Who is  the contact person at Mentor?
Please feel free to contact your local organization directly. Contact details can be found  here  on our website. Other questions can be answered by contacting: [email protected]

What happens next?
We are continuously monitoring developments and will be updating  information when needed.  Thank you for your understanding, continued support and dedication towards building a sustainable society – starting with youth!