Care About The Children Meeting

An invaluable and meaningful networking opportunity for the organisations that receive support from Queen Silvia's Care About The Children Foundation and whose programs are within Child Mental Illness.

5 May 2022 | Blog

On May 4th, Queen Silvia’s Care About The Children (CATCH) Foundation hosted host an informal network meeting between all the organisations that they support and work within the field of youth and psycho-social development. Mentor International attended on behalf of Mentor Arabia whose READY (Resilient, Empathic, Aware, Dynamic Youth) program was most recently funded by CATCH.

Mentor Arabia’s READY program is a focused psychosocial support (PSS) program targeting youth ages 7–11 years who have been exposed to stressful events. The program aims at to help build a generation able to overcome trauma by learning to express themselves through art and cope with their emotions in a productive way.

CATCH’s Managing Director, Therese von Blixen-Finecke, hosted the meeting, together with Tove Kjellander, with help from CATCH intern Isabella Browall. The idea was to facilitate an increased collaboration, synergy, share knowledge with the 20+ organisations that CATCH support.

Represented at the meeting were 4H, Barnrättsbyrån, Ersta Fristad, Fryshuset, Ensamkommandes Förbund, Erikshjälpen, Futból da Forca, Knas Hemma, Läkare i världen, MIND, MusikBojen, Operation Smile, Org 1825, Project Playground, Scouterna, SIRA Skolorna, Trygga Barnen, War Child, CATCH and Mentor. Solrosen/Räddningsmissionen and Dara Institute in Brazil were invited but not able to attend.

“These are fantastic organizations you represent. I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me to hear about everything you do, and have done,” wrote Therese in her follow up email.

The next meeting will be held in the autumn.