Mentor Lithuania is closed. Find other Mentor organizations here.

Mentor Lithuania bids farewell

For over 10 years, Mentor Lithuania has worked alongside young people, their families and carers, governments, schools, communities, and other organisations as partners. Mentor Lithuania helped make a difference to the resilience of youth, which was an investment in individuals as well as society as a whole.

As a member of the Mentor International Foundation, Mentor Lithuania was part of a network that worked across 80 countries and supported over 6 million people. Through Mentor programs, the local team provided local youth with the support needed to help them develop the skills and confidence to make healthier choices.

Despite Mentor Lithuania’s successes and all that they achieved, the non-profit sector is facing major challenges. Although evidence shows that young people’s mental health and their outlook on the future needed more support than ever, funding has become more competitive and the uncertain macroeconomic environment has led to a reduction in sources of private, unrestricted, funding. Unfortunately, despite the determined efforts of everyone concerned, for Mentor Lithuania, the headwinds proved too strong. In the end, its board therefore took the difficult decision to cease Mentor Lithuania’s activities.

Hopefully, Mentor Lithuania’s commitment to youth and investment in Lithuanian society will continue to live on through the people that received effective support and help in navigating this ever changing world in which we live.

We thank everyone who supported Mentor Lithuania over the years and wish the very best outcomes for everyone it was our mission to help.