Mentoring News from Brussels

2022 was good year for mentoring thought leadership. We are pleased to share big news from our European grassroots mentoring association.

26 October 2022 | Blog

In October, mentoring was finally lifted at the parliamentary level. Led by decision makers and mentoring experts – and after months of preparation by the Mentoring Advocacy Committee – mentoring was in the spotlight at the EU parliament in Brussels!

Mentors, mentees, and mentoring professionals from all over Europe delivered personal testimonials to help spawn an EU level movement that will codify into law and incentivize companies and governments to investment in mentoring initiatives for the better of society. Watch the live cast here.

Mentoring is the key to more effective integration. The EU parliament and council have now united and created momentum and a path forward for mentoring in Europe.

Mariya Gabriel, Eurocommissioner

At the same time – and two years in the making – our partner network, Mentoring Europe (formerly ECEBM, European Center for Evidenced Based Mentoring) published a position paper on mentoring. The aim is to build a strong case for mentoring that can serve as a roadmap and platform for policy- and decision-makers to understand how to use mentoring most effectively. The paper was also presented at the European Parliament event in Brussels.

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